The Encrypted Escape



Welcome to The Encrypted Escape

Green Bay’s newest escape room experience.

You may be wondering what an “escape” or “puzzle” room is. No worries, we all wondered that at some point! Escape rooms are an increasingly popular adventure game experience, where teams of 4-8 try their hand at escaping a room by means of solving riddles, deciphering clues, finding keys, and in general, working together! You will be challenged mentally, with puzzles that require observation, critical thought, imagination, and communication. If you come in open minded, you will find your way out of almost any closed door.


It’s time to get excited because our rooms were built by gamers, for gamers! With years of experience in game design, our team of puzzlers (puzzle developers) has set out to give you everything a good escape room should have: story, immersion, and impact! If you like escape rooms, you should leave loving ours!

Can You Solve The Puzzle?

How To Play An Escape Room

Teams of 4-8 people, have 60 minutes to solve clues and puzzles to escape a locked room. This unique experience is for you, if you’re willing to accept the challenge.

1. Book one of our escape rooms

2. Get locked in for 60 minutes

3. Find clues & solve puzzles

4. Escape!

Who Can Play?

The Encrypted Escape Is Great For:

  • Friends & Family
  • Private & Corporate Events
  • Team Building
  • Parties & Groups

Start Your Escape

Begin your escape by choosing one of our puzzle rooms to escape from!

4-8 Players


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4-8 Players

Peter Pan’s Second Star to the Right

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4-8 Players


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2-4 Players

Insert Coin(s)

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4-8 Players

Black Hat

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4-6 Players

The Call

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