Frequently Asked Questions

Have some questions about our escape rooms? Find the answer you are looking for below!

Q: Who are escape rooms for?

Escape rooms are fun and engaging for anyone of almost any age! You are never too old for a good game with friends and loved ones. You are only too young if you can’t read quite yet. If you want a quality experience to share, this is a perfect fit!

Q: I have never done an escape room before. Is that okay?

Of course! You need no experience to play an escape room. All that we recommend is that you come willing to have fun and you will be just fine!

Q: Do you have any age requirements?

If you are under the age of 16 and playing without a parent or guardian, you will need a parent or guardian to sign off on your participation.

Q: Is there heavy lifting or crawling required to escape a room?

No. You will not need to lift any heavy items, nor crawl along the floor. You may need to look at or within things close to the floor, so you may need to bend. It will be nothing too extreme, though, because we want everyone to feel included and be able to participate.

Q: Are the puzzles hard?

That really depends on how you think and approach problem solving. What is difficult to one person may be simple for another! That is why these rooms require teamwork and communication. Using your thinking cap will get you far and hopefully end in success for you and your team! We can, however, put you at ease that there will be no trivia knowledge needed. Everything you need to escape will be in the room with you.

Q: Are your rooms scary?

This is probably the largest misconception about escape rooms. The answer is: No! These rooms are meant to be fun, not terrifying. The idea of being locked somewhere does scare some people, but let us reassure you- you can, at any time, leave the room. However, that will distract greatly from your experience and we recommend that no one leave the room during play. Also, if we ever do a room based in a horror genre, you will be made aware before booking to make sure it is the right experience for you and your team.

Q: What should I bring?

Yourself, your team, an open mind, and a great attitude! These are the only things you will need to bring into our rooms- everything else, we will provide.

Q: How large can my team be?

We can currently have teams of up to 8 in our rooms. If you have more people than that, there are special accommodations and ways to make it work. Whether it is a bachelor/ette party, a team building experience for your business, or a group of any kind, we can make it work! Give us a call directly at 920-634-5385 and we can answer all of those questions for you immediately or email us at [email protected]

Q: Will photos/video be allowed?

Absolutely no photos or video will be permitted within our rooms so as to not spoil them for other players. However, pictures taken in the lobby before or after the games are allowed and even encouraged!

Q: When should I arrive?

Please arrive 10-15 minutes before the start of your session. This allows for a briefing on safety and story prior to your game time.

Q: What is parking like?

Parking in out lot is almost always available! You should have no problem finding a space and having easy access to our doors!

Q: Is there somewhere nearby to hang out and wait? Can we get food and drinks?

There are lots of great places nearby to get coffee, food and drinks! In fact, we are located just a little way behind Target, a short distance from Costco, and some delicious spots include The Grapevine Café, Tuscans, Jitter Bean, Plae Bistro, and Starbucks!

Q: What if I’m late?

Sessions start promptly at the designated time. If you or a member of your team is late, we cannot push back the start time out of consideration for our other game appointments that follow the time slot.  If you miss your game entirely, no refunds will be given.

Q: Cancelation Policy?

We have a 24 hour cancelation policy. No refunds offered within 24 hours of your game time. Please contact us if you have to cancel.