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Black Hat Escape Room: Book Now!

Escapees! Before we jump into announcing our final escape room theme we will have at our open, a quick important recap: we have a grand opening deal! 50% off your entire booking if you book before our open on June 30th, just enter discount code GRANDOPENING at check out! Check us out at to book now, peruse our frequently asked questions, or find out what we can do for your upcoming special event!

Have you ever wanted to live the life of an old western outlaw?Because in our escape room, Black Hat, you can. Your gang has heard rumors of a safe full of treasure, perhaps so much treasure your crew could live like outlaw kings and queens for the rest of your days. The only problem? It’s in a popular saloon in the middle of town and right next to Sheriff Dan’s office. The only hope you have lies in the other rumors you’ve heard: the deputy is not good at his job. The plan? Get caught, escape, steal, and run! All you must do is outsmart the deadbeat deputy, solve the trials and safety measures of the saloon owner, and get out of town before dawn!

Try your hand at being an outlaw and see if this old-fashioned way of hard living suits you! We are confident that your gang can live up to the challenge!

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